Frequently Asked Questions - CHILD CARE (Click here for Home Care FAQ)

Is the center licensed?
The Green Lake Center is licensed and in good standing with state and county regulatory agencies.

How many children do you serve, and what are their ages?
We serve children as young as 6 weeks through the year they are 12. A special licensing exception may be requested for care of younger or older children.

What type of activities are provided for the children?
Our COI sites have separate space for older children or manage playground time so outdoor areas are not crowded and there is plenty of equipment to share. COI curriculum is based on "Creative Curriculum". Activities include art and sensory play, large and small muscle activities, and preschool readiness or help with homework.

What are the qualifications and experience needed for a child care teacher?
All COI child care teachers meet or exceed licensing requirements for their positions.

Are the child care teachers certified in Infant/Child CPR, Adult CPR, and first-aid?
Everyone is certified in infant/child/adult CPR and use of AEDs.

How are children disciplined?
We discipline children by redirecting them to another activity. We do not use punishment, although a child may have to be removed from an activity, then allowed to return when he has had a chance to relax or calm down.

Do children play outside every day?
Children play outside every day, usually twice a day, weather permitting.

Do the the child care teachers take the children on outings that are off-site?
Teachers plan a variety of off-site outings such as trips to the library or other downtown events or nursing homes. Parents are informed of trips well in advance and may accompany their children as volunteers.

Are any meals provided?
COI participates in the WI USDA Child & Adult Food Program (CACFP) and provides a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack for children age 1-12. We also provide iron fortified formula and cereal for children 6 weeks until they are 1 year old, or developmentally ready for second foods.

Will I be charged if I take a vacation or my child is sick?
On enrollment parents sign a contract which describes the hours of care and cost of care. Enrollment begins when school starts in the fall or anytime throughout the year. All contracts terminate at the end of summer. During an enrollment year, parents have 2 weeks of their contract time as sick or vacation days. When this time is used up, parents must pay for further days off. Parent handbooks are available along with a rate sheet which further describes rates for care by age and hours of attendance. Parents pay a week in advance for their care. A tax statement is provided to each family by January 31 which documents the fees each family has paid to COI in the previous year.

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